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Key decisions made to form a new Corporate center and Civil Aviation Division of the United Aircraft Corporation

On September 1 meetings of Boards of Directors of UAC, Irkut Corporation and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft were held. A number of decisions of these governing bodies give a start to transformation of UAC, Irkut Corporation and Sukhoi Civil Aircraft into a new Corporate center of a single united company with functions of a Civil Aviation Division on the basis of Irkut Corporation. This is an important step within the corporate transformation program to form a single company in accordance with previous decisions of the UAC’s Board of Directors from December 2016.

All existing and perspective aviation programs remain on track in full as well as all contractual obligations. All employees including engineers and workers remain committed to creating competitive Russian aircraft.

In accordance with decisions taken UAC President Yury Slyusar while retaining his current post for the duration of transformation will become President of Irkut Corporation. Oleg Demchenko, who