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UAC will present its key projects in Latin America

From March 29 to April 3, 2016, the United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) will take part in one of the most important air shows in Latin America – the 19th international FIDAE air show in Santiago, Chile.

UAC’s military exposition will present the MiG-29M and Yak-130 aircraft. The MiG-29M is an upgraded highly maneuverable multifunctional 4+ generation fighter. MiG-29M uses advanced fighter technologies that provide superiority over other aircraft.

Yak-130, a two-seat new generation combat trainer is aimed at main and advanced front-line pilot training. This aircraft is very maneuverable and possesses modern avionics typical of the newest fighter planes. The aircraft are highly reliable and have a long service life.

UAC’s civil projects are represented by the Sukhoi Superjet 100 and MC-21 programs. The successful operation of a large fleet of SSJ 100 aircraft by one of the leading Mexican airlines – Interjet opens new opportunities to this key UAC’s program on the Latin American market. The market sees fast development and growth and is potentially very promising for UAC’s products. The Corporation plans to capture up to 20% of the region’s market in the 61-120 seat segment. The MC-21 medium-range narrowbody aircraft family program is progressing according to the schedule. This year the first MC-21 flight prototype will be rolled out from the factory.

MC-21 is a medium-range narrowbody aircraft family with wide operational capabilities. MC-21 will allow to lower operational costs by more than 10% if compared to the aircraft that are currently in operation.



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