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Moscow, November 5, 2008 – The United Aircraft Corporation has won an open tender for the right to conclude a government research and development contract “Tu-204-300 upgrade, Tu-204 (Tu-204SM) substantial modernization, including increasing the reliability level and operating characteristics of the aircraft and applying the results on aircraft of the Tu-204/214 family, and improving systems and assemblies of the aircraft.”

The tender was held by the Ministry of Industry and Trade within the framework of the Federal Target Program “Development of Russian Civil Aircraft in 2002-2010 and for the period until 2015.” The main aim of the program is to change the strategic competitive position of the Russian civil aircraft production industry. This will require a substantial overhaul of the existing fleet in order to increase its competitiveness both on the domestic and international markets.

A number of design and engineering goals should be achieved during the project – aircraft systems reliability and safety should be increased, manufacturing and operating