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Moscow, December 30 – The United Aircraft Corporation (UAC) is making steps to develop Russia’s own technologies in polymeric and composite materials. Today, UAC’s Board of Directors has approved the Corporation’s participation in the foundation of the Aerocomposite company.

The Board of Directors has also approved UAC’s participation in the Aerocomposite chartered capital in the volume of 48%, drafts of the Aerocomposite founding documents and propositions on the new company’s executive bodies and board of directors. Previously, the concept and founding documents were reviewed and approved by the UAC’s Executive Board at its September 3, 2008 meeting.

The scope of activities for the start-up will include development, testing, manufacture and sales of parts, subassemblies and components made of composites for intended use in commercial aircraft.

In particular, Aerocomposite will create the technological base for development and production of composite parts that may find application in the next generation of passenger and cargo aircraft featuring a high share of advanced construction materials in their structure. Special attention will be paid to composite wings technologies for promising aircraft designs, such as the MS-21 next-generation narrow body airliner and new derivatives of the Sukhoi Superjet regional jet. In addition, the company will organize series production of parts and subassemblies made of composite materials for all new aircraft to be launched by UAC.

Intensive use of advanced construction materials, such as composites, in the superficial and force-bearing fuselage and wings structures is a world-wide trend in the aviation industry. It allows for weight savings and better overall performance of new aircraft.

Intended founders of the Aerocomposite company are UAC (with 48%), Sukhoi (26%) and Progresstech group of companies (26%). The chartered capital of the new company will amount to 26 million rubles. The Aerocomposite company shall be registered by the end of 2008. Its head office will be located in Moscow, Polikarpov street 27, Building 3.

At the initial phase, 2009-2010, the company will focus on technology development. A decision to proceed to the production shall be made in early 2010. A decision to select the site for production facilities is expected to be taken during 2009.



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