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The United Aircraft Corporation will showcase its aircraft at the Singapore Air Show

UAC’s aircraft are coming to the Singapore Air Show 2016 international exhibition. The Asia-Pacific region’s market is among UAC’s top priorities – the Corporation will present a large lineup of its military and civil products. UAC’s exhibition stand will feature models of the Su-35, Su-32, Su-30SM, Yak-130, Yak-152 and Be-200 aircraft, as well as models of SSJ100 and MC-21 civil liners. For the first time in the Asia-Pacific UAC will present the MC-21 pilot trainer simulator. Show visitors will be able to take a personal look at the Sukhoi Superjet 100 (SSJ 100) aircraft in the Yakutia airline livery at the show’s static display.

Markets of the Asia-Pacific region and China in particular are the fastest growing and perspective in the world. According to UAC’s estimates, yearly passenger turnover growth in the region in the next 20 years will by 1.3% surpass the world’s average. This in perspective will make the region the biggest recipient of new aircraft until 2030.

UAC’s civil products presented at the show have great potential in the region. According to UAC’s estimates SSJ aircraft might capture up to 15% of this region’s market. Sales till 2030 can surpass 150 aircraft.

UAC will specifically present its civil SSJ100 and MC-21 programs at the show. This will allow the airlines in person to witness the advantages of these liners – comfort, reliability, cabin ergonomics and other features of new Russian aircraft.

UAC holds leading positions on the region’s military aviation market. More than 400 Su and MiG aircraft have been delivered to Asia-Pacific customers. Su-30 family fighters were chosen as main military aircraft by Air Forces of several countries of the region. UAC will present its main fighters at the show – Su-35 and the Su-30SM multipurpose fighters that by capabilities surpass all tactical 4 and 4+ generation fighters.

Yak-130 jet combat trainer aircraft allows pilots to receive modern training to fly 4+ and 5 generation fighters and is ideally suitable for the air forces of a number of the region’s countries. For the first time the model of a Yak-152 piston basic trainer aircraft will be presented. This aircraft together with the Yak-130 and other modern training means allows to organize full cycle of fighter pilot training.



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