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The key activities of the Corporation are development, construction, testing and maintenance support, as well as service support, of military and civil aircraft.

Public Joint Stock Company United Aircraft Corporation comprises some 30 companies representing Russia’s aviation manufacturing sector, including PJSC Company Sukhoi, PJSC Irkut Corporation, PJSC RAC MiG, PJSC Sukhoi Civil Aircraft, JSC OKB Imeni A.S. Yakovlev, PJSC Il, PJSC Tupolev, CJSC Aerocompozit, PJSC NAZ Sokol, JSC Aviastar-SP, PJSC VASO, PJSC TANTK Imeni G.M. Berieva.

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Outstanding stock
447,615,343,755 shares of principal and additional issues as of Yan 15, 2018
Par value
RUB 0.86 per share of  principal  and additional issues
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CJSC MICEX Stock Exchange
Listing level / Sector
Third Level Listing/Innovation and Investment Market (IIM)
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MICEX Innovation Index, MOEX StateCo Index

Regular flight tests of MC-21-300 aircraft were resumed


Regular flights of the MC-21-300 aircraft under the flight test program were resumed at the The Gromov Flight Research Institute (part of the UAC of Rostec State Corporation) in Zhukovsky.

Regular flights of the MC-21-300 aircraft under the flight test program were resumed at the The Gromov Flight Research Institute (part of the UAC of Rostec State Corporation) in Zhukovsky. The MC-21-300 aircraft is undergoing the certification tests program of Russian and European standards.

Irkut Corporation (a part of UAC of Rostec State Corporation) and the cooperation participants are making efforts to minimize the impact of the epidemiological situation on the program implementation. Due to the developed information infrastructure, the key design departments are working remotely. There is a schedule of services that are responsible for key tasks, in particular, ensuring the testing program.

Since the beginning of 2020, the intensity of test flights has gradually increased. Four aircraft are involved in the flight test program. To obtain the Russian certificate and start supplying aircraft requires about 650 flights. A total of more than 300 flights have been performed so far. The testing equipment used allows registering up to 40 thousand flight parameters. This is significantly more than the previous generation systems registered.

Two MC-21-300 aircraft are equipped with passenger compartments. One is in a two-class layout with a capacity of 163 seats. The other has an ultra-dense cabin with a capacity of 211 seats.
Russian enterprises involved in the MC-21 program perform the functions of integrators and developers of a number of basic aircraft systems: avionics, air conditioning, control of common aircraft equipment, landing gear control systems. 

The aircraft has performed flights at altitudes and speeds that are typical for operating modes. In particular:

- The main volume of tests on the limiting angles of attack was performed. Flutter tests have been completed.
- The main engines and auxiliary power plant were launched in flight. Take-off and landing characteristics with simulation of engine failure were assessed.
- Flights to determine minimum liftoff speeds were performed.
- Operation of the instrumental landing system as well as the navigation, landing and external lighting equipment during the flight in the dark time was confirmed.

TsAGI conducts ground strength tests of two MC-21-300 airframes. The bulk of the static tests are performed. Endurance tests are being conducted.

Each subsequent aircraft was updated taking into account the results of previous aircraft tests. In the design of the aircraft made the necessary changes. A number of aircraft systems were improved.

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