Board of Directors
General Director
Заместители Генерального директора

JSC “Aviation Holding Company “Sukhoi”

JSC “Aviation Holding Company “Sukhoi”

Full name: Joint-Stock Company “Aviation Holding Company “Sukhoi”

Abbreviated name: JSC Sukhoi Company

Address: Polikarpov str., 23B, Moscow, 125284, Russian Federation

Tel.: +7 (499) 550-01-06, 550-01-07, +7 (495) 940-26-63; 940-26-64, 940-27-62

Fax: +7 (495) 945-68-06

E-mail: info@sukhoi.org

Website: http://www.sukhoi.org/

Top Management:

Chairman of the Board of Directors - Alexey Demidov

Sphere of Activity:

JSC Sukhoi Company is a holding company that incorporates leading Russian design bureaus and serial aircraft production plants. Its core activity is to support a complete cycle of work in aircraft production: from engineering to after-sales support. Su-family combat aircraft are the leading examples of the global weaponry market and constitute the basis of frontline aviation in Russia and tactical aviation in many countries of the world. The company is the largest Russian aircraft export supplier. Sukhoi provides a number of related services: after-sales service, repair services, upgrading, restoration and extension of aircraft life, pilot training, and technical diagnostics of aircraft.

Current Projects:

  • The fifth-generation aircraft programme: the main project is the creation of prospective multifunctional fighter;

  • Su-30MK2;

  • According to the China's Air Force request, Sukhoi started work to upgrade the Su-30MK multi-role fighter with a new weapons system

  • Su-32 – export version of Su-34, Su-33, Su-35. 


• Komsomolsk-on-Amur Aircraft Plant named after Yury Gagarin

• Novosibirsk Aircraft Plant named after Chkalov 

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