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Civil Aircraft

TU-204/214 Mid-range Passenger Aircraft Family

Design: JSC "Tupolev"
First Flight: 1989

Tu-204, a mid-range aircraft for 210 passengers capable to cover 4 300 km, was designed as the basis for a complete aircraft family with passenger and cargo modifications. The aircraft incorporated advanced achievements in aerodynamics, aviation materials, avionics and engines. Over 700 changes that improve structural, aerodynamic, flight and technical characteristics as well as substantially increase aircraft lifecycle and reliability were introduced to Tu-204 design during the process of its development. Tu-204 completely complies with Russian and European airworthiness standards, is characterized by low operational cost, modern interiors, low noise level and low fuel consumption. High aerodynamic efficiency of the airframe combined with an efficient wing flap system ensures cost-effective and safe cruise flight and low speed landing.

Òu-204Ñ, Òu-204-100 and Òu-204-300 aircraft are powered by PS-90A highly economical three-shaft turbofan engines with a thrust reverser in the fan duct and a noise absorbing system made by Perm Motors Company.

Òu-204-120 and Òu-204-120Ñ aircraft differ from Òu-204-100 and Òu-204Ñ models mainly that they are equipped with efficient RB.211-535E4 turbofan engines produced by “Rolls-Royce” and can be adapted to engines of any foreign production. These aircraft and engines are certified by the Interstate Aviation Committee Aviation Register (AR MAK) and completely meet ICAO Chapter III Annex 16 noise and emission requirements.

As a result of joint work by JSC “Aviastar-SP” and JSC “Tupolev” the following important modifications and design solutions were introduced to the Tu-204/Tu-214 aircraft family:

  • Installation of an additional fuel tank increasing the flight range;

  • Adaptation to Russian and Western avionics;

  • Possibility of equipping the aircraft by Russian PS-90A or western RB.211-535E4 engines at the Customer’s request;

  • Flexible concept of passenger cabin installation at the Customer’s request.

Tu-204 aircraft have excellent performance and operating characteristics as well as high fuel efficiency. Tu-204 is serially produced by the Ulyanovsk Aircraft Manufacturing Plant (CJSC “Aviastar-SP”) and Tu-214 – in Kazan (JSC “KAPO n/a Gorbunov”).

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