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JSC “Voronezh Aircraft Manufacturing Company”


Abbreviation: VASO (JSC)
Form of property: Joint Stock Company
Address: Tsiolkovskiy str., 27, Voronezh, 394029, Russian Federation
Phone: +7 (4732) 44-86-66, 44-85-85, 49-93-97, 49-53-29
Fax: +7 (4732) 44-86-66, 44-85-85
E-mail: vaso@email.ru; admin@air.vrn.ru
Internet: http://www.vaso.ru/

Top Management

Sergey P. Yurasov General Director of VASO (JSC)
Mikhail A. Pogosian Chairman of the Board of Directors

Shareholders of VASO (JSC):

  • JSC "UAC" (96.37% of the shares)
  • JSC “UAC-Transport Aircraft” (1.31 % of the shares)
  • JSC “Ilyushin Aviation Complex” (1.18 % of the shares)


Sphere of activities

Manufacturing, repairs and after sales support of aircraft

Current projects

  • Production of IL-96-300 and IL-96-400 wide-body long-haul passenger airliners
  • Production of IL 96-400T extra-large cargo aircraft
  • Component manufacturing projects with Airbus
  • Production of components for SSJ-100 regional aircraft (with CJSC "Sukhoi Civil Aircraft")
  • Participation in the IL-112 light military transport plane project (with the JSC “IL”)
  • Launch of An-148 production and component manufacturing for An-148


VASO (JSC) is the successor to the Voronezh Aircraft Production Association, which was established in 1932 and transformed in 1993 into a joint stock company.

Being a state enterprise and undergoing changes in its designation (“aircraft plant”, “mailbox”, “production association” etc.) the Voronezh Aircraft Plant was solely devoted to aircraft production developing and improving in accordance with development and improvement of aviation.

In the pre-war period the Plant has mastered 11 aircraft types designed by Tupolev, Moskalev, Ilyushin and Ermolayev. The factory produced TB-3 heavy bombers, SAM-5 local airlines aircraft and “ANT-25” which reflected glory of Russia by continuous flights from Moscow across the North Pole to America with a crew of V. Chkalov and M. Gromov.

During the World War II, the history of the Plant was related to production of “IL-2” aircraft which was the best front attack-fighter of that time. Historians named this “flying tank” the weapon of victory in the Great Patriotic War. In the years of war approximately18 thousand aircraft of this type were produced and transmitted to the battlefielfd. In October 1941, the Plant was evacuated to the town of Kuybyshev. On January 25, 1943, Voronezh was freed and the Plant returned back from the evacuation.

In April 1943 an Aircraft Maintenance Plant was established in Voronezh by Order #209 of People's Commissar of the Aircraft Industry. Production of aggregates for the previously issued aircraft was underway in parallel with the repair of aviation equipment and since 1947 the Plant began producing Il-10 aircraft – increased maneuverability attack fighter. At that time re-equipment of Il-12 to a passenger version has been done. In 1949 the Plant started production of Il-28, the first jet front bomber and from 1954 – Tu-16 turbojet bomber.

At the end of 1950-s the enterprise was tasked with development and organization of series production of An-10 turboprop passenger aircraft and An-12 transport aircraft. The experience of the production of aircraft IL-28, Tu-16, An-10, An-12 proved to be invaluable with solution of new complex problems. Later on the Plant was tasked to master the production the world's first supersonic passenger plane – Tu-144. Production of Tu-144 was the biggest stage of technological progress at the Plant. The application of new construction materials, development of original design and technological solutions, production of uncommonly large components and aggregates and observance of high demands for aerodynamics and assigned life of the products – all these tasks have been successfully solved, and on December 31, 1968, the first aircraft Tu-144 took off into the sky.

“VASO” (JSC), in accordance with IAC aviation register rules passed certification of its production complex, and officially received the right to produce IL-96 wide-body aircraft in accordance with international standards and to extend IL-86 resource and assigned life.

“VASO” (JSC) has also carried out a complex of measures for bringing its quality management system in accordance with the requirements the all-union state standards R ISO 9001-2001. That made it possible to implement the state defense order. “VASO” also performs all kinds of after-warranty service work, as well as repairs and maintenance of aircraft after every 10 thousand flight hours. “VASO” also has a certificate of FAS Russia for aircraft maintenance.

The capacities of the enterprise and the flexible system of production preparation make it possible to produce several modifications of aircraft simultaneously including with accordance to American and European standards and requirements.

The Plant was awarded the Order of Lenin in 1966, and in 1981 – the Order of the Red Banner of Labor for successful implementation of tasks to manufacture advanced aeronautical equipment. VASO’s products were represented on different exhibitions and received rewards and honorable certificates. IL-300 aircraft became the laureate of the competition “100 best goods of Russia” in 2001. A group of the key personnel of the enterprise was awarded the State Prize in the field of science and technology by RF Presidential Decree dated 26.12.2000 for creation of IL-300 long haul passenger aircraft with PS-90A engines.

Current information on the company represented at:


Ulansky side-street, bld.1, 22
Moscow 101000, Russia

Phone:  +7(495) 926-1420
Fax:  +7(495) 926-1421